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im having a good time Online because i insist on using it as a system for long-range electronic communication with other living beings rather than as an algorithmically-curated haunted house

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we're at most 5 years from a chatbot AI that can induce full-blown religious mania in the Stanford CS faculty

cryptocurrency crash, ai art 

now that buttcoin is going to zero I think it's time we turn the "laser eyes" meme on its head and start referring to "laser tears"

love language 

cryptocurrency hedge fund insolvency

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being a FOSS dev is a life of seeing people reposting how FOSS is trash and devs should be ashamed right next to reposts of FOSS is thankless work and someone should make this less shitty somehow, who could do it, both of them right on your timeline, on the regular

it's cool, it's good

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hey it’s worldwide lie flat day. you don’t have to do anything today. just chill out. and don’t worry if you miss it today. tomorrow is worldwide lie flat day too.

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fediblock, unblock suggestion 

a lot of instances have on their suspension lists. This is because it has been a TERF instance. However, a quick look at reveals that their domain has been taken away, and instead, you are greeted by this text:

feminism is for everyone

feminism is nothing if it excludes queer people, queer black people, queer people of colour and queer disabled people.

this place used to be the home of transphobic, homophobic and racist feminists, who called themselves our allies.

now it stands as a reminder that our solidarity will overcome their bigotry.

Therefore, you may want to consider purging data related to this domain and undo the domain blocks for that domain.

#FediBlock, more like #FediUnblock, I suppose.

canada politics 

happy that at least the "ontario party" (which seems to run a mostly anti-vax/homophobe platform) didn't get any seats. It's still scary that they managed to get 1.8% of the popular vote.

get your shit together canada.

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canada politics 

I spent the majority of my life in Ontario. I've spent the last seven years or so living abroad, but it's still an emotional blow to see that the province just elected the provincial conservative party with a majority of seats.

What a shitshow.

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> start to do a thing
> people assume you've taken the responsibility for it
> people then blame you for not taking full responsibility for it

I feel this is a common theme in autonomous circles/open-source. I was on the 'starting' side of things in this case.

Any good ideas?

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🇬🇧 With #chatcontrol, the EU wants #masssurveillance of all your private online communications in real-time. What is the law about and what does it mean for you?


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If the software mostly works
You must ship it
Bug reporter only lurks
You must ship it
Schedule made up by jerks
You must ship it

Now ship it
Into prod
Check it out
Merge done
Try to test it
It's not too bad
Now ship it
Ship it good

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Email was first discovered in 1755 by Émile Dussault at the suggestion of his friend Voltaire, but it was first synthesised in a lab in 1831 by Johann Carl Friedrich Schurig.

To this day, there are two different email protocols in use, POP3 and IMAP, as a result of these independent discoveries.

@PINE64 is so cool. I'm strongly considering getting the new pro model to start moving away from android

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My #FollowFriday suggestions are a bunch of astrophysicists! I'm listing their research specialities, but they're more than their work and have lots of other interests you can check out in their bios!

@AdiFoord - Black Holes, Active Galactic Nuclei

@alstev - Black Holes, Neutron Stars

@thomasconnor - Black Holes

@dpthorngren - Planet Interiors

@astrobiolena - Astrobiology

@spacetides - Planetary Tides

(There are more, but these are the ones actively posting right now!)

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