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I just started using mastodon's filters with a new "RT @" rule and my home timeline is _so much nicer_. ❤️

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⚠️ Information for Prosody operators: There has been an OpenSSL security advisory published, which likely affects Prosody and other services you may run - allowing an attacker to trigger an infinite loop in OpenSSL (and any application using it, such as Prosody), causing it to stop responding and use a lot of CPU.

Keep an eye open for OpenSSL updates from your OS distribution. There is no Prosody upgrade needed.

Original advisory here:

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This place was a ship graveyard built by the Usuni corporation and lost at the border of the Altos sector.

It is currently occupied by a mecha-mantis and some stowaways.

If you survive the random depressurizations you might reactivate the warp gate.

I haven't looked into all the details of the bug, and I'm not an expert on activityPub, but:

I suspect there are ways to trigger this on the fediverse, since inter-server ActivityPub federation happens over HTTPS using remote servers' TLS certificates.

The scenario is basically that any unpatched servers that federate with a malicious server will become unresponsive.

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update: it's a denial of service bug that can be triggered when parsing a certificate with invalid parameters, leading to an endless loop.

Update your servers as soon as possible.

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Simply respond to this thread with a silly edit of an XKCD comic for your chance to win nothing!

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Public Service Announcement:

The developers of OpenSSL have prepared a release which fixes security vulnerabilities that are considered "high severity".

If you host any online services you might want to be prepared to update before people start trying to find and exploit affected servers.

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computer says no 

In today's edition of "Computer Says No":

I learned that gmail doesn't allow attachments that end in .js (among other blocked file extensions). Instead, it responds to thunderbird with a message that triggers an unhelpful "unknown error" message indicating that the mail was not sent. Despite this, the mail is still copied to my account's "sent" folder.

The problem is more obvious from gmail's web client where they at least display a patronizing "this is to protect you" message.

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Imagine Star Wars, but, every droid in the galaxy is literally run by the Empire, they talk home to Coruscant every night for software updates, and the Rebel Alliance thinks this is just fine and doesn't understand how come they keep losing key battles

That's our future if we don't change the trajectory we're on.

I don't know how to make anyone who matters understand that.

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My sincerest apologies for portrait mode, but I wanted to share this photo of the baby pineapple that is growing on my balcony #pineapple #ananas #futurepizzaingredient

The article isn't _all bad_, but there's some pretty glaring omissions given the article is about "information war"

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I'm seeing a lot of articles describing the role of social media in Ukraine right now as "unprecedented", "transformative" and "revolutionary".

Maybe this is just me showing signs of getting old, but I distinctly remember hearing all the same things during the Arab Spring.

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CoVID-19 Hall of Shame

The countries that voted for an outcome that killed an additional 16 million people and prolonged the pandemic till 2024/5.

From OXFAM's report "Pandemic of greed".

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