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⌛ There is one week left to let us know which document import/export you use most often. This will inform future work to make CryptPad more compatible with other software.

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📢 Amazing Job Alert 📢

Hey y'all, we're hiring a Lead Engineer at Terraso (!

We're looking for someone to help assemble a suite of #opensource tools to help farmers, conservationists, land restorers, and generally all the superheroes who are going to save the world.

Not a lot of people have applied for the senior position. Boosts very much appreciated!

#job #jobs #ict4good #conservation #agriculture #trees #nature #environment #climatecrisis

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Minus is a finite social network where you get 100 posts—for life.

1. submitting a feature request
2. reporting a reliably reproducible bug with full details
3. submittting a well-commented PR that fixes a bug
4. making a donation with no strings attached animates a png sprite map from a final fantasy game (using the canvas API again).

If I keep having fun with little experiements like this I might end up integrating them with some other procedural generation ideas to make some tools for tabletop RPGs or something like that.

Of course, I'll probably want to drop the final fantasy sprites and use something creative commons like these:

Show thread draws a sierpinski triangle to an HTML5 canvas based off some random parameters.

Show thread is serving as a dumping ground for the sort of one-off experiments people typically put on

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my partner wanted a website to show off some of her professional skills (neuroscience education and work history), so we whipped something up a few weeks back.

Writing some static HTML reminded me how much fun it is to just kick out a standalone web page (as opposed to integrating new features into a complex open-source platform).

Since then I've been trying to find things to do with a few of my domains that have gone unused for a while.

I just made my first PR to a fediverse project:

I (unsuccessfully) tried to add alt text to media upload sent to mastodon with the `toot` command-line tool.

Does anyone see what the problem is or want to pick up where I left off?

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I just backed Mastodon on Patreon via the link I found on @Gargron's profile (

Installation and configuration of my own instance was super easy thanks to the excellent documentation and setup wizard.

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Yesterday I learned that kelp is algae and not a plant, so today my mind has been drifting to random thoughts like

"how long has kelp been on Earth?"

"how did I not learn about this sooner?"

"would people that don't know this think about sushi differently if they realized it was wrapped in dried bacteria?"

You know... perferctly normal thoughts.

thought of the day:

every once in a while I try out a new-ish pokemon game only to realize (exactly like the previous time) that I don't actually want to play a new pokemon game, I just want to have the same feeling of playing the originals when I was 9 or whatever.

got everything set up and now I'm realizing I don't usually post that much 😅

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I finally got around to setting up my own mastodon instance.

Now I just need to start re-following folks from my old account.


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