cryptocurrency crash, ai art 

now that buttcoin is going to zero I think it's time we turn the "laser eyes" meme on its head and start referring to "laser tears"

computer says no 

In today's edition of "Computer Says No":

I learned that gmail doesn't allow attachments that end in .js (among other blocked file extensions). Instead, it responds to thunderbird with a message that triggers an unhelpful "unknown error" message indicating that the mail was not sent. Despite this, the mail is still copied to my account's "sent" folder.

The problem is more obvious from gmail's web client where they at least display a patronizing "this is to protect you" message.

MRW watching w3c working group members trying to reform the state of ads on the web

1. submitting a feature request
2. reporting a reliably reproducible bug with full details
3. submittting a well-commented PR that fixes a bug
4. making a donation with no strings attached


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