oh you like decentralization? my friend, what vegetables are growing in your garden? my brother, how is your soil produced? dearest comrade, how many worms live in your compost?

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@ansuz our fam shares a fence with close friends. (We moved in Nov 2021.) And we are just starting our gardening adventures. ❤️

I know absolutely nothing about raised beds and where soil comes from. Look forward to learning more.

@wait_sasha I mostly intended this post as snark aimed at some people talking about "decentralization" in the context of blockchain or the american individualist flavour of "prepping".

It's cool to hear that you're getting into growing, though! The fediverse has lots of people sharing their experience via and

@wait_sasha personally I've been experimenting with "hugelkultur" lately, to try and get more plants growing from less soil.

@wait_sasha I originally learned the basics of gardening in Canada and found that there are very different challenges in the tropical climate where I live now.

This video talked about some really helpful ideas, in particular "STUN - Sheer Total Utter Neglect", an approach to select for plants that are productive without maintenance by leveraging high genetic diversity and natural selection.

@ansuz thanks for all the links. I really love reading things like this. ❤️

Work is so busy. Was hoping there would be time for some gardening this weekend which is clearly not happening.

Today has been all about (vegan) ice cream making thanks to new Cuisinart. Not exactly DIY or "old fashioned" but we are having fun.

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